Menu 5in1 On Website

Menu 5in1 can be integrated with your existing website by adding small peice of HTML code. If you do not have a website yet you can ask us to design a brand new fully functional web site for you

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Top Features

Simple Integration

Just add one peice of HTML code to your existing web site.

Brand New Website

No website yet, problem solved, just ask our team to design a fully functional web site for your resturant.

Dual Language

Items that you sell are defined with dual languages thus all customers’ receipts are generated in dual languages

Automatic Update

Any changes you make in the Menu 5in1 control panel will be automaticlly shown on your web site, no need for double entry

Sorted Out

Items will be shown on your website filtered by categories and sorted by the display order you define in Menu 5in1


Want to add Reservation sections to your website, mission done. Just integrate with Menu 5in1

Dr. Chef Menu

Le Paradise Menu